LANGAUGE: en, de, fr, etc. Default is English.
ARTICLE: article number with 8 digits (at least 4 digits are required).
GTIN: GTIN with exactly 13 digits.
PARAMETER: see below. Shows product page if no parameter given.


Available parameters

Parameter Description Examples
(none), web, w Show product website
(and highlight article in order table)
acc, ac Show accessories
all Show all available data
art, a Show article data sheet
bro, b Show brochures
cad, c Show CAD files
cert, cer, z Show certificates
dim, m Show dimension drawings
ds, d Show family data sheet
img, i Show all product images
photo, pic, p Show article photo
ray, r Show RAY files
succ, suc, s Show successor articles
tech, tec, t Show downloads
(technical data)